JFK Assassination – Oak Cliff locations map

I’ve seen maps of the area between Lee Oswald’s boarding house and the site of Officer J.D. Tippit’s murder trying to figure out how the timeline works, but there is more in Oak Cliff that’s interesting to the puzzle. This map is not by any means exhaustive, but here are six locations:

The first odd thing to notice is the two Oswald residences, one where Marina Oswald lived with the children, and which Lee Oswald visited on weekends, and the boarding house where Lee lived during the week. The Oswald family had resided in the house earlier but had moved to Irving by the time Lee was at the boarding house during the work week, visiting Irving on weekends. This is odd. It’s said this was due to the Oswalds’ marital problems, but it would have been very expensive for a minimum-wage worker whose wife did not work; Oswald’s $1.25/hr minimum wage job at the Texas School Book Depository in November 1963 would be worth $10.01/hr in November 2017. Where Oswald came up with money is a question that comes up frequently when looking at his life.

The second odd thing to notice is where Jack Ruby’s apartment is in relation the Tippit shooting site and Oswald’s residence. I’m not the first to notice this, of course. It might be pure coincidence, as it’s entirely plausible Oswald was Tippit’s killer, was in panic mode, and was fleeing with little regard to direction, or to a bus stop not so close to his residences. The housekeeper said she saw him waiting for the bus at Zang and Beckley, at the end of the block, which he obviously did not take. There has also been a lot of confusion about which direction Tippit’s killer was walking when Tippit stopped him. I don’t know enough to have a firm opinion on whether the killer was walking east or west on 10th Street, or if the killer and Oswald were the same person. But it’s strange either way. Whoever the killer was, he was oddly close to Jack Ruby’s apartment when the murder occurred.

I’ve also put the site of Officer Tippit’s mysterious phone call on the map. The location so near to the Texas Theatre, where Oswald was arrested, is not really noteworthy; that’s the main drag in the area, so plenty of places people would stop in on were in those few blocks. But the phone call is strange. At this point the president has already been assassinated, and every law enforcement officer in the Metroplex is on high alert. Rather than communicating by his police radio, Tippit tries (and apparently fails) to get in touch with somebody by phone only a few minutes before he is murdered. We’ll probably never know what was so urgent and unrelated to his official task at the moment that he had to make this phone call about.

Random coincidences happen. Nothing I’ve written here may really mean anything. But I like maps, and these locations are more interesting on a map than as textual abstractions.


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