Wednesday nexus

New Mexico’s legislature passed a law ending civil forfeiture. Some commentary. Will the (Republican) governor sign it? I’m a little out of the loop of NM politics but I would be surprised since she has a law-n-order background and obviously wants to run for president soon.

“Everything is problematic”: an insider’s critique of the student activist social justice movement. Very insightful.

Are economics majors anti-social? A study that, to me as an economist, seems remarkably silly even though one of the co-authors is an economist. (He’s also an activist though.) Economics classes make students less likely to donate to left-leaning or generic but ineffectual organizations? Is this a Bad Thing?

The early history of British (free?) trade. Commerce with out-groups is a very old phenomenon.

A program that guesses an author’s gender based on a writing sample. Sort of fun/interesting but not very useful, not for me anyway.


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