The JFK Assassination, pt. 12: the backyard photos

JFK assassination researchers have done a lot of analysis of the infamous backyard photos. Many insist they were forgeries, as Lee Oswald was alleged to have done. Many people, including most of the experts asked by the government to analyze them, believe that they are genuine. I’m not a photographic expert, and I don’t really have a position on this. The fact that they were found (or “found”) by the police only on their second search of the Payne house is a little suspect, but it could be true.

From my position, I don’t see that it really matters. I’ve discussed before how it seems that Oswald was engaged in some kind of deep cover infiltration of pro-Castro groups and how elements above him carefully planned to frame him for the assassination. His clandestine background would help them as long as only parts of it were revealed. These photos could easily form one of those parts—made so that he would appear to be a genuine communist agitator, when in fact that was simply a role he played on assignment. This would also explain the odd message on the back of the photo that George de Mohrenschildt’s widow gave to the HSCA.

In other words, the photos don’t present a challenge for what I think happened one way or the other. Sure, they could have been faked. Sure, they could be real. It doesn’t change my version either way.


One thought on “The JFK Assassination, pt. 12: the backyard photos

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