Follow-up to history of economic thought post

I’ve been thinking about the previous post on the subject for a few days now, and I thought I should add some clarifying comments.

It was in the context of Pete Leeson’s post, which was advice for young Austrians. I think I implied, but did not outright say that the proper people to work on the history of economic thought are the older gents (and ladies) who have already produced other work. Once you become a Jedi master you are pretty much free to work on whatever you like, and producing work for the young Padawans is something that’s both interesting and important.

I suppose in brief my attitude would be for graduate students to absorb it but not to think about producing it until later. Leave that to the pros. The purpose of graduate school is not to educate the hard core of the next generation.

I really want to hammer that part home: the history of economic thought is a valuable field for the liberty movement because junior members (including me) need to know about it, not because outsiders need to know about it. Graduate students (should) produce work for outsiders only. The elder statesmen of the movement, if you’ll pardon the expression, produce work for outsiders and insiders.

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