The JFK Assassination, pt. 9: Review of Shots

One of the continuing mysteries about the assassination surrounds the number of shots fired in total. My take is not conclusive, of course, but we seem at least to have:

1. Kennedy’s back, from behind
2. Kennedy’s throat, from in front
3. Connally’s back etc., from behind
4. Kennedy’s head, from in front
5. the missed shot, from behind, debris from which hit James Tague
6. the windshield shot, from in front

These are the shots that to me are obvious, but are obviously disputed by a great many people. There are other possible shots as well:

7. a missed shot nearer to the presidential car, from behind
8. a separate headshot, from behind

As you can tell, the count is already too high for one shooter with a bolt-action rifle to make in just a few seconds, and physically impossible for a single shooter with all the time in the world firing from behind. As I’ve already written, we’re clearly dealing with a conspiracy.

I’m a little bit sympathetic to the belief that one of the shooters was in the Dal-Tex Building, but I wonder why more earwitnesses wouldn’t have indicated this. It certainly seems to fit the video evidence to have Connally and Kennedy hit from different rear angles. Based on the number of shots, three general angles of fire make as much sense as two.

Another thing that has troubled me is the hole in the windshield. It’s said to have come from the front, and while this isn’t conclusive there’s no testimony that I know of—except from the Secret Service and other agencies we already know we can’t trust—to suggest otherwise. If so, at what angle did it enter? It’s unlikely to have been made by the same bullet that made the throat wound, because this would involve yet another shooter at an angle never considered. Perhaps it was caused by the shot that hit the curb far in front of the motorcade and hit James Tague’s cheek. I really don’t have a good answer for this and haven’t seen anything that suggests a solution.

On a related but separate note, The Future of Freedom Foundation’s Jacob G. Hornberger has a great series of posts on the JFK assassination that can be read here. By the way, I met him a couple of times since I’ve been in the area, and he’s a nice guy.


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