Clint Eastwood’s Super Bowl ad

Clint Eastwood’s Super Bowl commercial is blowing up the libertarian internet sphere. We were upset to see the ad proclaiming Detroit a real American success story. It’s not just the bailouts; persistent government meddling has favored malinvestment in Detroit for more than half a century to the detriment of everybody else. (It’s ironic to hear Republicans accusing him of an implicit pro-bailout position when by and large they were explicitly pro-bailout and voted that way. However, internal Republican struggles are not my issue.)

We libertarians have to remember that Clint Eastwood is an incidental libertarian. He’s primarily a more or less neutral artist, and this is how he interacts with the world. Politics aside—which dedicated libertarians are rarely ever able to do, myself included—it’s a nice little story. It would be one thing if he were quoting Mises in interviews and then making this ad, but expressing libertarian sentiments here and there while still making non-libertarian movies and ads is not really that surprising.

Basically, if you feel betrayed you need to check your premises, as the saying goes.


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