The JFK assassination, pt. 8: Bonnie Ray Williams and the elevators in the TSBD

This is far and away the most searched-for post of my JFK assassination writings. You can see the rest here.

Continuing the theme from part 6, I want to speculate on the TSBD shooter(s). A handful of witnesses in Dealey Plaza stated that they saw two men on the sixth floor around the time of the assassination. This has been challenged, and frankly I’m not expert enough to really have a good opinion about it.

However, there’s still a question. Somebody fired a rifle from the sixth floor. Victoria Adams testified that when she and a colleague went down the stairs immediately after the shooting there was nobody else using them. The elevators were not working at this point. Officer Marion Baker encountered Lee Oswald on the second floor in a composed condition—not at all in the kind of condition somebody would be after shooting the president, running around stacks of boxes, hiding the weapon, and fleeing downstairs.

The shooter (or shooters, though I will just say shooter for now) left the sixth floor somehow and was not apprehended at the TSBD. Bonnie Ray Williams testified to the Warren Commission that at least just before the shooting, the elevators were stopped on the fifth floor. After running to a window on the west side of the building, Williams, James Jarman Jr., and Harold Norman went down the stairs. Williams testifies that although they heard shots directly above them, and although Harold Norman said he could hear shells hitting the floor, they did not hear any movement above them after that. As they were running to the west side of the building, they made quite a lot of noise themselves.

Victoria Adams would have been on the way down the stairs then, and almost immediately afterwards Marion Baker would have arrived. Oswald would already be downstairs at this point in the timeline. Also, the elevators would have resumed working but then stopped working again, as Luke Mooney testified.

What I am getting at is that it’s highly unlikely the shooter could have gotten off of the sixth floor a) by the stairs and b) before law enforcement officers arrived in the building. The Marion Baker situation makes it unlikely that Oswald was even the shooter, although it is still possible. Are we then dealing with a shooter hiding in the building, or taking the elevator out when the law is on the stairs? The TSBD’s elevators were the cargo type that do not hide the inside from view, making this risky. The various agencies combed the building in what I’m sure was a thorough enough way that hiding would be extremely difficult.

This leaves me in an uncomfortable position, and I don’t as yet know a reasonable solution.


2 thoughts on “The JFK assassination, pt. 8: Bonnie Ray Williams and the elevators in the TSBD

  1. Stan

    I truly believe at least one decoy shot was made from the TSBD. The majority of shots came from the Dal Tex building on a 4th or 5th floor. Keep in mind, Eugene Braden was taken into custody for illegally being in it! James Files says Charles Nicoletti was the shooter from the Dal Tex building. Files had been instructed to not shoot, unless it became absolutely necessary. He’s been told they were going for a head shot. If Nicoletti failed, Files was to take a single shot from the knoll. The Dal Tex building would be an ideal spot for a professional killer! Next time you’re in Dealey, check it out.

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