On the Adderall shortage

There’s a lot of news going around about an Adderall shortage going on, and it may continue for several months. This is bad news for the people who genuinely need it and who can’t switch to other medications. Hopefully it puts some pressure on the DEA to be less dictatorial.

The other side of the issue is that the last time I heard complaints about Adderall it was that kids are overly medicated and that too many are given prescription drugs in lieu of actual attention to their proper development. I am sympathetic to this argument. There are a lot of factors at work:

1. School resources for most students are not (and cannot be) directed efficiently even in regards to their education, so I’d be very surprised if their overall development outside of education were handled properly by schools. Many parents may not know what else to do.
2. The number of prescriptions issued each year is skyrocketing. This reflects an overall “medicalization” of issues that did not used to be considered “medical”. (The decline of midwifery is an earlier casualty.)
3. A school’s or parent’s complaint to a pediatrician or general practitioner is how most of these prescriptions seem to get written. For a drug that’s thought to have few side effects, why not?

This is why I’m not as concerned about the shortage as other people I’m hearing from. I know that some people will suffer, but I hope that this helps to sort out who really should be taking Adderall and who shouldn’t.


One thought on “On the Adderall shortage

  1. Dave

    Adderall should be banned by every country. It is really bad stuff! It almost killed my 58 yr old father last year. Adderall weakens your artery walls and causes annurisms. John Ritter died of this. My father should not be here today, but is because of the grace of God. Please people, discontinue use. You really dont need it. There is a new alternative that is natural and safe. I cant remember the name but it was originally used for a blood pressure medicine. Research it.

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