The JFK assassination, pt. 4: Report by Buddy Walthers

Today being the 48th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, it would be a good time for another post. Rather than blowing the whole case right open—which will have to wait for the 50th anniversary—I’ll write just a little here.

In a supplementary investigation report dated Nov. 22, 1963, Officer Buddy Walthers wrote the following regarding the search of the house where Marina Oswald lived and where Lee Oswald kept personal effects:

Upon searching this house we found stacks of hand bills concerning “Cuba for Freedom” advertising, seeking publicity and support for Cuba. Also found was a set of metal file cabinets containing records that appeared to be names and activities of Cuban sympathizers.

I want to note that this is dated on the day of the assassination, before the all-consuming drive to sanitize the various statements made by law enforcement officers to fit the lone gunman theory.

While Walthers does not elaborate, it’s hard to imagine that a fellow sympathizer would keep these kinds of records. It’s a lot easier to imagine that a man with alleged connections to Guy Banister, anti-Castro coordinator and former FBI agent, would. And if this line of thinking has any merit, it leads to the FBI or CIA or both. Surely Guy Banister hardly had the ability to coordinate the assassination of the president.

It’s already a matter of public record that Oswald belonged to a pro-Castro group. But if he was the only member of the group, and if he was still in the company of Guy Banister, this looks like infiltration rather than activism per se.

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