The JFK Assassination, pt. 2: Motives

On the heels of the first piece, a short note about motive.  With a crime like this, there has to be a motive.  But when the victim is the president of the US, there are so many people and so many motives as to make it bewildering to think about.  Anti-Castro Cubans felt betrayed.  Pro-Castro Cubans had a motive too.  The Soviets had a hundred different reasons.  The Mob had their own.  The CIA had a motive.  Lyndon Johnson had a motive.  The military (and the rest of the military-industrial complex) had a motive.  And almost all of these were organizations that essentially killed people as part of the business model.  Unlike a detective novel where we can limit the suspects based on motive, almost anybody evenly remotely suspect had a sufficient motive.  In short, deducing anything based on who had a motive is a pointless task.


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